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YouTube is the most popular sharing video platform in the world. Millions of YouTubers are making a lot of money everyday. The fastest way for YouTubers to earn money is to increase bulk views in order to enable monetization on YouTube. It will take lots of time and effort in case you increase a large number of YouTube views manually. YouTube view software will help you increase YouTube views automatically without dropping.

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Why do you need to increase YouTube views in bulk?

Bulk views increase can help you rank your video to the top on YouTube search. Thus, your YouTube channel will be more visible. More YouTube users will see your YouTube videos and want to watch it.

Getting bulk views is an important factor in enabling YouTube monetization and determining the amount of money received. The more views your YouTube video gets, the more money you can earn from YouTube.

YouTube Views Software

Billions of users are watching YouTube videos on a daily basis. Therefore, YouTube is currently considered as one of the most effective marketing channels for individuals and businesses. When your YouTube videos get a large number of views, you will become famous. Then, more customers will consider purchasing your product.

YouTube views software – The best way to increase bulk views for YouTube videos

To increase bulk views for your YouTube videos manually, you need to login lots of accounts to watch your videos. Moreover, YouTube will not count views if you use the same IP for these accounts. It will take you a great deal of time and effort to use many accounts with different IPs. In this case, a YouTube views software will be the best choice.

YouTube Views Software

When you use a Youtube view bot like QniTubeAction, you can

  • Increase YouTube Views by various view methods (search, direct link. playlist, ect.)
  • Increase YouTube Likes automatically
  • Auto Comment on YouTube videos in bulk
  • Increase YouTube Subscribers automatically
  • Like your video’s  comments
  • Dislike YouTube videos in bulk
  • Save lots of time and cost

The reason why you should use QniTubeAction? –YouTube Views Software

QniTubeAction is the best YouTube View Software with many outstanding advantages

  • The software can manage unlimited YouTube accounts and YouTube video links
  • QniTubeAction software will login multiple Gmail with different proxies to increase bulk views and avoid view dropping
  • The software can create profiles automatically to gain trust from YouTube and increase the quality of views
  • Our YouTube View Bot supports cookies/Profile. The software will login to each Gmail account one time to generate cookies and profiles. Then, in the next run, the software will not have to login these Gmail accounts again.


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  • You can run the software with HTTP proxies and Dcom

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  • You can customize the watching time for YouTube videos
  • The software can decode captcha automatically
  • Our Customer Service team can support you in running the software. And for technical problems, our experts in the IT team will reply and find solutions as soon as possible.
YouTube Views Software - QniTubeAction

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