Product Review: Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically

YouTube Shorts has become one of the leading platforms for sharing short videos globally. With millions of users and a vast audience base, YouTube Shorts provides an excellent opportunity for creators to showcase their talent, gain recognition, and even earn money. However, standing out in this crowded space can be a challenge due to the intense competition. This is where the “Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically” by AutobotSoft comes into play. In this review, we will explore the features, advantages, and functionality of this product that claims to boost views, likes, comments, and subscribers for your YouTube Shorts videos effortlessly.


The “Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically” offers an array of impressive features designed to enhance your YouTube Shorts performance:

1. Increase Views for YouTube Shorts by various methods

With this bot, you can increase views for your YouTube Shorts videos using various sources such as direct links, channels, and even Facebook. This diversification allows for increased exposure and engagement, ultimately driving more traffic to your content.

2. Auto-increase Likes for YouTube Shorts in bulk

Likes are a significant factor in determining the popularity and credibility of a video. This bot enables you to automatically generate bulk likes for your YouTube Shorts videos, giving them a boost in visibility and social proof.

3. Auto-comment on YouTube Shorts in bulk

Engagement through comments is vital for building a community and encouraging interaction with your audience. The bot facilitates automatic commenting on your YouTube Shorts videos in bulk, saving you time and effort while increasing engagement.

4. Increase YouTube subscribers automatically

Building a loyal subscriber base is essential for long-term success on YouTube. This bot offers the ability to increase your YouTube subscribers automatically, attracting more people to follow your channel and stay updated with your content.

5. Auto-dislike YouTube Shorts

While it may seem counterintuitive to dislike a video, there are instances when this feature can be useful. Whether you want to balance out engagement metrics or conduct market research, the bot allows you to automatically generate dislikes for your YouTube Shorts videos.


The “Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically” comes with several advantages that make it a valuable tool for YouTube creators:

1. Manage unlimited YouTube accounts

For those managing multiple YouTube channels, this bot allows seamless integration and management of an unlimited number of accounts. This feature simplifies the process of scaling your presence across different niches or brands.

2. The software can log in multiple Gmail accounts with different IPs simultaneously

Account security and IP diversity are crucial aspects of automating tasks on YouTube. This bot ensures the safety of your accounts by enabling login from multiple Gmail accounts with different IP addresses simultaneously, minimizing the risk of suspension or flagging.

3. Support HTTP Proxy or Dcom

To further enhance account security and prevent detection, the bot supports HTTP Proxy or Dcom configurations. By utilizing proxies, you can mask your real IP address and maintain anonymity while using the software.

4. Frequent update

The AutobotSoft team provides regular updates to ensure the bot’s compatibility with YouTube’s ever-evolving algorithms and policies. These updates guarantee that you can continue to benefit from the software’s functionalities without interruption.

5. User-friendly interface and ease of use

The QniTubeShorts software features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the setup and configuration process. Even those with limited technical expertise can navigate through the software effortlessly and take advantage of its powerful features.

6. Save time and cost

Automating tasks through the “Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically” eliminates the need for manual engagement, saving you precious time and effort. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of this product makes it a worthwhile investment compared to alternative methods of gaining YouTube Shorts views.


To utilize the “Youtube shorts views bot – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically,” follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the QniTubeShorts software, which includes the software link desktop and useragent file links.
  2. Download and unzip the QniTubeShorts.rar file.
  3. Double click on the QniTubeShorts.exe file to open the software.
  4. Click “OK” to login.
  5. The interface of QniTubeShorts will now be displayed, ready for configuration and usage.

The QniTubeShorts interface is designed to provide a user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily navigate through its various functions and settings. Let’s explore the different sections and how to use them effectively:


In this section, you can configure the basic settings for the YouTube Shorts view. Let’s go through each option:

A1. Run

This option allows you to start or stop the bot’s activities. Once you have configured all the necessary settings, simply click on “Run” to initiate the bot.

A2. Threads

Threads determine the number of simultaneous actions the bot will perform. You can set the desired number of threads based on your system’s capabilities and the level of engagement you wish to generate.

A3. Time View Main Video

This setting specifies the duration the bot should spend watching the main video. It is important to adjust this time to ensure it appears natural and human-like, avoiding any suspicions from YouTube’s algorithms.

A4. Time View Related Video

Similar to the previous setting, this option defines the duration the bot should spend viewing related videos. Again, customizing this time helps maintain authenticity in engagement patterns.

A5. Devices, Useragent (Desktop) & Useragent (Mobile)

Here, you can select the device type and user agent to be used by the bot. By emulating different devices and user agents, the bot can create diverse engagement patterns, making it harder for YouTube to detect automated activity.

A6. Proxy Source

This feature allows you to specify the source of proxies to be used with the bot. You can choose between built-in proxy sources or import your own list of proxies for added flexibility and security.

A7. Use Gmail

Enabling this option allows the bot to log in using Gmail accounts. This ensures a seamless experience within the software and provides access to features associated with authenticated accounts.

A8. Folder Cookies & Folder Data

The bot requires cookies for authentication and accessing certain features on YouTube. You can specify the folders where the bot should save its cookies and data for future use.

A9. Cookies or Profiles

With this option, you can choose whether to use cookies or profiles for your YouTube accounts. Cookies are simpler to manage, while profiles offer more control over individual account settings.

A10. Create Profile

If you opted to use profiles in the previous setting, this feature allows you to create and manage different profiles for each YouTube account. Profiles enable customization of various account details such as name, email, and avatar.

A11. Key captcha

In case you encounter any captchas during the bot’s operations, you can enter the key captcha here to resolve them automatically.

A12. Random Delay

Random delays between actions help mimic human behavior and prevent detection by YouTube’s algorithms. You can set the range of random delays to be applied by the bot.

A13. Human Activities

To enhance authenticity, the bot can perform additional human activities such as scrolling, clicking, and navigating through videos. Enabling this option adds realistic engagement patterns to your YouTube Shorts view.

A14. Skip Ads

Ads can interrupt the viewing experience, and skipping them can make the engagement process smoother. When enabled, the bot will automatically skip ads encountered during its operations.

A15. Clear Caches

Clearing caches periodically is essential to maintain optimal performance and avoid issues related to cached data. You can schedule cache clearance at specific intervals to ensure smooth operation.


The QniTubeShorts software offers several functions to enhance your YouTube Shorts engagement. Let’s explore each function:

B1. View YouTube Shorts

This function allows the bot to generate views for your YouTube Shorts videos. By specifying the source (direct link, channel, or Facebook) and the desired number of views, you can boost the visibility and popularity of your content.

B2. Comment on YouTube Shorts

Engaging with your audience is crucial for building a strong community. This function enables the bot to automatically post comments on your YouTube Shorts videos, making it easier to interact with viewers and encourage discussion.

B3. Like/Dislike YouTube Shorts

Likes and dislikes play a significant role in gauging audience sentiment and establishing credibility. With this function, the bot can generate bulk likes or dislikes for your YouTube Shorts videos, depending on your requirements.

B4. Subscribe YouTube Channel

Growing your subscriber base is essential for long-term success on YouTube. By utilizing this function, the bot can automatically subscribe to other YouTube channels, increasing the likelihood of reciprocal subscriptions and expanding your reach.


The Youtube shorts view – Increase views for Youtube Shorts Videos automatically” by AutobotSoft offers a comprehensive solution for creators looking to enhance their YouTube Shorts performance. With its outstanding features, useradvantages, and easy-to-use interface, the QniTubeShorts software provides a convenient way to manage and boost your YouTube Shorts engagement.

One of the outstanding features of the YouTube Shorts Views Bot – QniTubeShorts is its ability to increase views for YouTube Shorts using various methods. Whether you have a direct link to your video, want to promote it through a specific channel, or even leverage Facebook as a source, this bot can generate bulk views to increase visibility and reach.

In addition to views, the bot also offers the option to automatically increase likes for your YouTube Shorts videos. Likes are a crucial metric that signals audience appreciation and can contribute to the overall success of your content. By automating likes in bulk, you can quickly establish social proof and enhance the credibility of your videos.

Engaging with your audience is essential for fostering a strong community and encouraging interaction. The QniTubeShorts software allows you to auto-comment on YouTube Shorts videos in bulk. This feature enables you to easily connect with your viewers, respond to their comments, and create a sense of community around your content.

Furthermore, the bot provides the capability to automatically subscribe to other YouTube channels. Growing your subscriber base is vital for long-term success and increased visibility on the platform. By utilizing the Subscribe YouTube Channel function, you can enhance the chances of reciprocal subscriptions, reaching a wider audience, and establishing valuable connections within the YouTube community.

The advantages of the YouTube Shorts Views Bot – QniTubeShorts extend beyond its functional capabilities. The software allows you to manage unlimited YouTube accounts, making it convenient for creators with multiple channels or client accounts. You can log in to multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously, each with different IPs, ensuring versatility and avoiding any suspicion from YouTube’s algorithms.

With support for HTTP Proxy or Dcom, the bot offers flexibility in choosing the preferred method of accessing proxies. Whether you want to utilize built-in proxy sources or import your own list, this feature enhances security and provides additional control over your bot’s operations.

Frequent updates are crucial in keeping up with YouTube’s evolving algorithms and policies. AutobotSoft understands the importance of staying current, and they provide regular updates to ensure compatibility and optimal performance of the QniTubeShorts software.

Ease of use is another advantage of this software. The intuitive interface allows users to navigate through different settings and functions effortlessly. Upon purchase, you will receive the necessary files to set up the software, and once launched, it provides a straightforward experience for configuring and initiating the bot’s activities.

One of the significant benefits of using the YouTube Shorts Views Bot – QniTubeShorts is the ability to save time and cost. Manual engagement efforts, such as viewing videos, leaving comments, and subscribing to channels, can be time-consuming and require substantial effort. By automating these tasks, you can focus on creating high-quality content while the bot handles the repetitive engagement activities efficiently.

To start using the QniTubeShorts software, download the provided files and unzip them. Double-click on the QniTubeShorts.exe file to open the software. Once opened, you’ll be presented with the user-friendly interface, where you can configure the basic settings and choose which function you want to run.

In conclusion, the YouTube Shorts View – QniTubeShorts by AutobotSoft offers a comprehensive solution for creators looking to increase views, likes, comments, and subscriptions for their YouTube Shorts videos. With its outstanding features, advantages, and easy-to-use interface, this software provides an efficient and effective way to enhance engagement, grow your audience, and boost the performance of your YouTube Shorts content.