How Do People Make Money On Tiktok? Free Methods To Make Money On Tiktok

Tiktok is one of the most popular social networks nowadays, similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So have you thought about making money on Tiktok? Or will you become a KOL on Tiktok media in the future? Let’s read this article to know more about this media site as well as build background about how to make money on it.

What is Tik Tok?

TikTok is known as a music and social network platform with over 150 million users per day, on which users do not post statuses like Facebook or Instagram. But post 15-second music videos attract a lot of viewers. This is a social platform coming from China, with the original version – Doujin. It was developed by ByteDance and Inc and launched in 2017.

Although it was born after Facebook and Instagram, in a short time, it has left them behind with 104 million downloads.

Tiktok has been and will be developed continually in the future. This is a good playground for people who are creative, active, versatile speakers and want to interact with other users as well as make money. So everyone is taking full advantage of what is available to them to make money and become famous.

Do you know how do people make money on Tiktok? If you are curious about that, don’t skip the next part.

How Do People Make Money On Tik Tok?

You want to earn money through the Tik Tok network, but you don’t know where you should start. Let’s follow this article, we will help you go on the right path.

Register Tik Tok accounts

Currently, TikTok is downloaded and used on both android, and ios operating systems and on windows.

You can create a Tik Tok account with a mail/phone number, and log in by Google or Facebook account. It’s up to your needs.

You can consult the TiktokAutomation tool on our websites. They will help you register Tiktok accounts in bulk using Google Accounts and many different functions that can give you lots of advantages in building TikTok accounts with millions of followers.

Choose a niche to make money on Tiktok

If you would like to have lots of followers on your TikTok account, you should choose a special, friendly niche. Besides, concentrating on creating videos with interesting, quality content that can attract viewers’ attention.

Create trending videos

You want to grab the viewer’s attention quickly and effectively. You must always update trends through social media sites, newspapers, or youtube.

This will help your account have many attractive videos and be easy to access for lots of people. And if there are many likes, loves, and follows, your video will be on top of TikTok.

Connect your YouTube, and Instagram accounts to your TikTok

If you connect all these accounts, the range of viewers will be wider which will give you many advantages.

Make sure your videos accessible to a wide range of audiences

The more viewers on your video, the more followers on your account. I will introduce some tips to help you increase your view:

  • Use lots of hashtags to help increase the visibility of your video.
  • Choose the right time to upload your video. If you upload when many users are online, the number of views will be higher. For example, uploading videos at 8-9 pm will be better than 12-1 am. But 11-12 am is the best, because, at that time, everyone has a break and relax, they will select social media, especially on Tiktok which helps them relax and pick up information.
  • You should interact with viewers by liking and replying to comments and following them. And many people will follow your account back. This is the easiest way to increase followers that anyone can do.
  • Add trending music into the video and always ensure the quality of the video’s content

Direct users to make money with TikTok

When your account gets a considerable number of followers, you can change into “making money” content and start earning money. You can connect your TikTok account to the “making money” site through the links set in your bio.

After understanding how to raise money, in the below part, I will mention methods to gain money on TikTok

Free Methods To Make Money On Tiktok

Become a brand promoter

To become a promoter, you must gain a significant number of followers or be an influencer, KOL, KOC on TikTok or other social networks. Thus, brands and companies will actively contact you. This approach usually appears on FB or Instagram.

Firstly, you use the product. Then post it on TikTok, sharing your experience when using it, with trendy music and relevant hashtags. In this way, you will become the brand promoter who is the “bridge” between the seller and the consumer.

*Taking note: choosing the right products for advertising is a very important issue*

How do people Make money on TikTok with Affiliate Marketing 

This method is very popular on social networks nowadays. TikTokers will promote products/ services from brands or businesses with links that they provided. If users click on this link, you will receive a commission.

Remember that placing the link in the videos is still not allowed by Tiktok, so you should let them in your bio. But if you want to let the links in bio, your account must be upgraded to a business account. And this is free.

You can refer to trusted affiliate networks on our website.

Livestream and interact with other users on TikTok

You can livestream to chat with fans or other users, play games, etc…In this way, you can not only get viewers’ donations but also increase interaction and the number of followers.

Advertise your brand

TikTok is an effective playground to bring product images close to users. So you can live stream to sell directly. Or become a partner of Tiktok ads so that your products will be displayed in the right place, at the right time, and approach lots of customers thanks to TikTok’s analytics system. However, you need to invest a huge budget this way.

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